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Senior Re-Testing

If you are 65 years or older, you will be required to retest if you pleaded guilty to a driving violation or collision. The test will require you to take a written and vision test plus a 30 minute Road Test including an Expressway portion.

We can help you with the Road Test portion of the testing.

If you are 80 years or older and were told you require a Road Test after you attended a Seniors Group Education Session, your Road Test will be 20 minutes and NOT require testing on an Expressway. 

Please Note: Many laws have changed. The Road Test is very specific regarding: Laws, Procedures & Proper Observation. There is a high failure rate because people don't know these Laws, Procedures and How to Observe Properly.

This can be difficult and frustrating for many Seniors. Let us help you understand and successfully complete this test. It is recommended that most Seniors complete a couple lessons consisting of an hour to prepare for their test.

First: We will evaluate your current Driving Skills and Knowledge. 

Second: We will explain the Testing Procedures & Marking System. 

Finally: We will take you along the Road Test Routes while informing you of what is Expected of you. 

If you still have a G license or higher class, the training can be done in your vehicle.